Spring cleaning

Apparently the best way to get those nagging ideas out of my head so I can focus on The Interregnum is to write them down, so here are some potential future games: The cyberpunk gameThe setting is there mostly because I was so mad that the video game of the same name got everything so […]

Retinue Possibilities (Version 1.5)

Fresh off the heels of the first playtests for version 1.5 I’m invigorated and excited to be working on the game again. I have a couple of ideas about what needs fixing but I’m happy to say that the base game is solid. First off, the Retinue – which I explained earlier that I refuse […]

Version 1.5 New Features

After a few weeks (more like a couple of months) of mulling over the results of the playtests, I finally think I have a clear vision of what to try in the next iteration. So without further delay, here are the proposed changes: Less currency/ fewer tokens – there are a couple of element pairs […]

Lore and Background – Kavga

Excerpts from The Galactic Archives – On the Traditions and Legislature of the Three King Period (…) As interplanetary warfare became increasingly devastating with the advent of ion-cannons and other high-powered energy weapons, King Otto the Malevolent made great efforts to keep inner-Kingdom warfare at a minimum. He instituted several “deterrent policies” that made sure […]

Migratory Tribes and Organization Levels

With another couple of solo play-tests of version 1.4.3 under my belt, I can safely say that I’m ready to… do more play-testing!Yeah, this will be recurring theme for January and most of February. In the meantime, I can share some thoughts I have about territorial control and government types. The first stable version of […]