Retinue Possibilities (Version 1.5)

Fresh off the heels of the first playtests for version 1.5 I’m invigorated and excited to be working on the game again. I have a couple of ideas about what needs fixing but I’m happy to say that the base game is solid. First off, the Retinue – which I explained earlier that I refuse […]

Version 1.5 New Features

After a few weeks (more like a couple of months) of mulling over the results of the playtests, I finally think I have a clear vision of what to try in the next iteration. So without further delay, here are the proposed changes: Less currency/ fewer tokens – there are a couple of element pairs […]

Lore and Background – Kavga

Excerpts from The Galactic Archives – On the Traditions and Legislature of the Three King Period (…) As interplanetary warfare became increasingly devastating with the advent of ion-cannons and other high-powered energy weapons, King Otto the Malevolent made great efforts to keep inner-Kingdom warfare at a minimum. He instituted several “deterrent policies” that made sure […]

Migratory Tribes and Organization Levels

With another couple of solo play-tests of version 1.4.3 under my belt, I can safely say that I’m ready to… do more play-testing!Yeah, this will be recurring theme for January and most of February. In the meantime, I can share some thoughts I have about territorial control and government types. The first stable version of […]

1.4.2 – Play Testing Results

Finally a productive weekend after a couple of weeks of beating myself up for not working on The Interregnum enough.I’m at the point where I’m again excited to play it and work on it, and I’ve set a goal for myself to have a stable version tested and written up by the end of the […]